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What is a Family Health Team?

Who is on the team?

How does the team-approach work?

Will I still have a family doctor?

How do I become a patient?

Can I participate in the health promotion programs/workshops offered in the community, if I’m not a patient of one of the East Wellington Family Health Team physicians?

Can I be seen even if my physician is not available?

What do I need to know about Health Cards?

How can I get my prescription medications refilled?

How are diagnostic tests booked?

What if I'm referred to see a specialist?

Who should have a screening test for colorectal cancer?

What health precautions should I take prior to travelling?

Where are you located?

What are the hours of operation for the Erin and Rockwood clinics?

What are the phone answering hours for the clinics?

“This team approach is fantastic. You all work together to provide me with the best possible care and it’s all so seamless.”

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