Where can I get resources and information to help me manage my diabetes?

Visit or contact your Community Diabetes Program nurse or dietitian at the clinics of the East Wellington Family, 519 833 7576 ext 340 or ext 361

Click on these PDF links:

“Now that I have diabetes…what should I eat?”

“Food and Blood Glucose Record”

“Instructions for Keeping a Food And Blood Glucose Record”

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Diabetes Care Self Referral Form

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Patient Satisfaction Survey

Program Overview Program FAQs

Community Diabetes Program

What is the East Wellington Community Diabetes Program?

The East Wellington Community Diabetes Program provides information, counseling and support for adults who have diabetes and live within East Wellington. Our locations are easy to access by the East Wellington community – “Diabetes Care Closer to Home”.

Service is offered to:
  • Adults living with Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-diabetes
  • Adults with newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes
The Community Diabetes Program aims to:
  • Help adults with diabetes live healthier lives
  • Provide easy  access diabetes education
  • Improve understanding of diabetes throughout East Wellington County
  • Help people with diabetes gain skills to make informed choices

How can the East Wellington Community Diabetes Program help you?

Available to work with you to put all the pieces together to help you meet your goals over several visits.

Offer care to help keep your blood sugar, blood pressure and blood fats at healthy levels –the keys to living well with diabetes.

Inform you so you may make healthy choices about food, activity and medication.

Help you fit the pieces of your care together to help prevent or delay long term problems that diabetes can cause –affecting the eyes, kidneys, heart, blood vessels and nerves.

Where do we start?

Building a partnership with you, your doctor and our staff is an important step in helping you to manage diabetes. Your options for meeting with the Diabetes Care Team are outlined below. Please call 519 833 7576 ext. 340 or 361 if you need more information.

  • For individual consultation with the Community Diabetes Program –
    This service is available to rostered patients only.  If you are a patient rostered with a physician at the East Wellington Family Health Team, you may self refer or ask your doctor or care provider to refer you to the East Wellington Community Diabetes Program.
  • For group Prediabetes sessions or Diabetes sessions and Drop In sessions –
    These diabetes care options are open to all adults with pre-diabetes or diabetes. It is not necessary to be rostered with a physician at the East Wellington Family Health Team. Go to “Workshops” for more information or to register. You may also call 519 833 7576 ext. 362 and speak with Christine Hyder for more information or to register.

How does the program work?

Our knowledgeable nurse and dietitian educators will work with you to make a plan to live successfully with diabetes.

What services are available?

  • Individual and group programs to meet your needs
  • Ongoing support to build your skills in diabetes self care.
  • A variety of workshops including topics of pre-diabetes, living with diabetes, meal planning, heart health, foot care and medication are offered.
  • Help to alter your diabetes management plan as needed
  • Informal education is available in community locations for people at risk of diabetes and the general public
  • Group Care Topics include:
    • Pre-diabetes: Your Chance to Change the Future
    • Living Well with Diabetes
    • Heart Healthy Meal Planning
    • Physical Activity
    • Blood Sugar Monitoring
    • Diabetes: Carbohydrates and You
    • Understanding Diabetes Medications
    • Diabetes: Foot Care and You
    • What’s new in diabetes care?
    • Label Reading…and more

Who is involved?

You are the most important member of the team.  Responsibility for good health belongs to you. You set your goals and work with the staff to make sure the plan “fits” you.

Our team will work with you to provide information, suggestions, support and encouragement.

You can have good life as well as a long life.

How to Access:

Call 519 833 7576 ext 340 or 361 for more information and to book an appointment

Hours of Operation

  • The nurse and dietitian are available full time splitting their time between the Erin and Rockwood sites
  • Daytime and evening appointments and programs are available

Program Sites 

Erin Clinic

6 Thompson Crescent, Unit 1
Erin, ON N0B 1T0
Phone: 519-833-9396
Google Map to Erin Clinic

Rockwood Clinic

175 Alma Street
Rockwood, ON N0B 2K0
Phone: 519-856-4611
Google Map to Rockwood Clinic

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