Email Communication

Here are some of the things that you can email us about

  • Appointment requests
    • Call directly for urgent appointments
    • Include your name and reason for the appointment
    • Let us know if you prefer morning, afternoon, evening, or earliest available
  • Update personal contact information (e.g., telephone, address, …)
  • Changes to health card version code or expiry date
  • To ask about date, time or location of referral appointments or booked investigations
  • Information about billings for uninsured services
  • Request notes/forms for work or insurance companies
  • Inquiries about test results
  • Screening tests
  • Follow-up relating to chronic disease management
  • Simple questions about medications that have been prescribed or medical issues that have been discussed

If you send us an email and don’t hear back within 2 business days then please call the office.

Here are some things we can email you about

  • Responses to your emails as above
  • Appointment reminders
  • Notifications about tests that you need to get done or appointments you need to make
  • Free Healthy Living workshops that we are offering for the month
  • Notification of unexpected office closure
  • Flu shot clinics

Here are some things that email is not to be used for

  • Emergencies or when information is needed urgently (please call the office)
  • Requesting medical advice for anyone other than yourself
  • Exchanging sensitive medical information
  • Complex medical issues
  • Requesting a diagnosis based on a description of symptoms
  • Frivolous or commercial purposes

Email Do’s and Don’ts

  • State the full name of the person the email is about
  • Please keep it simple, short (250 word max), and courteous
  • Messages conveying anger, sarcasm, harsh criticism, gratuitous comments and libelous references should be avoided
  • Please avoid using Hotmail, Outlook or Live email accounts as our emails end up in Junk Mail


Click here to view the Patient Email Communication Agreement.

Sign Up

To sign up for yourself or other family members, please click on the link below to send us an email and be sure to state that you would like to sign up for email communication and include the name, date of birth, and email address to use for each family member (you can share email addresses if you wish).

Please be advised that information transmitted via e-mail is not secure.
Patient Email Communication Sign Up

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