What To Do

Ticks & Lyme Disease  (WDG Public Health)
Public Health Ontario’s most up-to-date map of High-Risk areas
Learn about Blacklegged Tick Habitat   (TickEncounter, University of Rhode Island)
Lyme Disease  (Gov of Canada) Image-based identification and population monitoring of ticks in Canada

Despite this map, because Blacklegged Ticks are frequently transported by migratory birds, they can be found anywhere in the province of Ontario.

Public Health recommends the following:

The only way to prevent ticks from biting is through repellency and avoidance of favourable habitat.

If you would like to have the infection status of the tick, it can be submitted to a private lab for testing
Two private laboratories that will test Blacklegged ticks for Borrelia burgdorferi are:  

Dogs can acquire the bacteria and develop Lyme disease, but symptoms occur in less than 5% of cases according to past and current research and literature. If you have concerns about Lyme disease in dogs, discuss with your veterinarian.